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lj, the virus

I was browsing through my web server's access logs, and i noticed that someone had picked up the funny venn diagram from Brunching Shuttlecocks which I had posted to the site a while back (Rosy originally gave us the pointer to the graphic).

I asked inigo about where he had found it; one of his friends had sent him a link to some other picture, but he didn't recall which one (oh, how i long to know...). (Also, he's the guy who ported all those emulators to MacOS and runs Crazy.

It's the second time the site has been featured in some not-so-random person's lj.

Ok, I just happened upon this Brunching Shuttlecocks "livejournal". wheeee. Bacon!

Finally, I saw these LJ Stats today. Whoa, i'm old!

(this disjointed entry was written over the period of three hours of distraction...)
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