Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

green power

I clicked on some web ad offering, "watch what the electricity companies don't want you to see," hoping for some entertaining depiction of a perpetual motion machine. But no! It turned out to be an ad targeted to Glenn Beck / Fox News / etc viewers, appealing to fear of government, fear of high prices, fear of living in the dark, fear of apocalypse, and so on...but it was selling SOLAR and WIND power!

If you market it right, you can sell hippie goods like solar water heaters and solar cookers to this audience--you just need to change the message. In fact, it makes more economic sense here, since they're more likely to be rural, meaning higher prices, longer/more frequent blackouts, fewer places to escape to during the apocalypse, more roof area, greater home improvement skills, etc.

(Not linking to it since it's almost certainly offering free/easily available information for $)
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