Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Amazon video on demand -- eh

Amazon has been offering free streaming versions of movies that you buy on disc from them. In theory it's a great concept, however:

- I had to reload about ten times to get anything better than 384 kbps quality (one bar) video; there's no way to manually tell amazon what bandwidth to use. After that reloading, as suggested by people with similar problems, i finally got 2.5 mbps (full bars). I have a 20 mbps connection. I saw the same thing on other mac browsers i tried.

- Video and audio were out of sync and video was mildly but consistently choppy. Perhaps this is a problem with flash on the mac, but 720p youtube videos play perfectly on my mac.

- The picture leaves a big black bar on the side edges...turning your TV/monitor into one that's 80% as big.

- Audio is only in stereo. Only the download version (windows only) offers 5.1 sound.

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