Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Review: The Who's Tommy, Ray of Light Theatre -- Awesome!

Tommy is one of my favorite albums of all time, and the music translates perfectly to the stage. It's my favorite show of all time, and since I know the music so well, I hold it to a very high bar. The SF Ray of Light Theatre's performance of Tommy meets then jumps way over the bar! The musicians are good and the singers/actors are superb.

The stage and seating is small (think elementary school auditorium size) and every seat is great. There's no silly/embarassing security (insert "security theater" joke here) checks like at most SF venues. There's only fun. The prior time I watched Tommy was in Mem Aud at Stanford from the balcony--still a good performance, but the intimate theater really engrosses you in the show.

There's also a really tasty Mayan restaurant a block away.

Highly recommended. You can usually find discount tickets for the show on Goldstar Events. This is the final weekend, so hurry up!
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