Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

short movie reviews including one awesome film that everyone must see

American Splendor - One of the best movies I have ever seen, certainly the best biopic. It was so good that I immediately watched it again (!), because at first I had no idea what to expect and didn't know anything about Pekar. American Splendor is amazingly real and honest, funny, sweet, and quirky. You must see this--twice, at least. grade: 100/100, A+

(I paused the movie to eat some jelly bellies)

American Gangster - a decent use of three hours of my time. Entertaining, great characters, Denzel Washington is awesome as usual. In contrast to American Splendor, this story is almost entirely fictional even though it is loosely based on the life of a real drug kingpin.

Heist - Sure, it's formulaic and predictable by today's standards, but the characters and story are really well done, and it's fun to root for the bad guys.

Fracture - I have mixed feelings on this one. The ending was disappointing, perhaps too obvious and out of character for the story.

Confidence - I can't resist a con game movie. This one is kind of like watching Law and Order, but with more twists.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room - watch this. prepared to be unsurprisingly disappointed in humanity, and wonder what is wrong with investment bankers.

Tropic Thunder - I was a bit disappointed by this perhaps because of inflated expectations. Entertaining schlock.

Prizzi's Honor - So much better than Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Paranoid Park - I simply didn't get this one. Maybe you'll do better.

Jersey Girl - I am a fan of Kevin Smith; Chasing Amy and Dogma were two of my favorite movies of all time, and of course have heard all sorts of negative criticism of Jersey Girl. Now I understand. It's just an average movie, with good parts and bad. George Carlin is great (as always...i still remember the time when i flipped to PBS and spotted him as the conductor in Thomas the Tank Engine. I couldn't believe it at the time, as i only knew him from his raunchy comedy). It's a "nice" movie. Pleasant. Mild. Meh.

World's Greatest Dad - dark comedy at its darkest? It played on HDNet before going to indie theaters (currently showing at the Aquarius). Despite its extreme darkness, I thought it was quite good in an odd way, until maybe the last fifteen minutes. Yeah, i knew it had to end somewhere...and i'm not sure how i would have ended it, so i suppose it was ok. Not my favorite, but certainly worth seeing if you like dark comedy. Oh, and you might think the title says "Family movie". noooo.
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