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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day -- Imagine "24", written as a chick flick instead of an action series

Ray -- Amazing. I was really in to this movie. Jamie Foxx became Ray Charles--some of the best acting work I've ever seen. I could've watched three more hours of this.

Hellboy II -- I knew I would like it the moment i heard the music of Beethoven's Sonata 9, "Kreutzer", one of my favorite pieces to play. If you liked the first Hellboy, you'll like this.

300 -- eh. Entertaining, some great visuals, but i disliked the parts where the main actors broke character, and some of the effects seemed cliched.

Apocalypto -- Surprisingly awesome. For some reason I long had the mistaken notion that this was some crappy movie starring Mel Gibson, but instead, it's a movie with no well-known actors, and it was only directed by Gibson. Mayan history buffs will probably get annoyed, and it involves a good amount of blood/gore, but none that is gratuitous--otherwise it is spectacular. The second half of the movie (yes, the entire half) is the best movie chase scene ever.

Arachnophobia -- good mindless fun

Biloxi Blues -- excellent writing, acting, directing.

Full Metal Jacket -- very disappointing. I found it hard to believe that Kubrick directed this. The beginning was okay, though i couldn't stop thinking, "wow, law and order dude is nuts!" The war scenes were awful. They clearly looked like a simple hollywood set, almost stage-like in its simplicity and two-dimensionality, to the point where i was distracted and no longer engrossed in the movie.

Sophie's Choice -- warning: sad movie. but very well done

Hairspray -- entertaining

Running Man -- i miss the 80s. the movie features TWO future governors of muscle. and Mick Fleetwood! Richard Dawson! Jim Brown!

Glen Garry Glen Ross -- ALWAYS BE CLOSING! Brilliant acting.

House of Games -- I really enjoyed this one and I'm rapidly becoming a fan of David Mamet

Star Trek -- I like Star Trek, the TV shows, but don't obsess about it, so i guess i'm a casual fan. I was disappointed. There were too many moments where I was taken away from the movie thinking, "wait, that makes no sense, wtf?!" I easily get involved in movies and it takes a lot to get me out of that. In this sense i thought the movie was worse than a lot of the older star trek movies (though not as bad as 5...). The acting was excellent; the new Kirk is far better than Shatner ever was, so this holds great promise for future Star Trek movies. This one seemed more like an intro-to-trek rather than a "Star Trek Movie", since they didn't actually explore, which is pretty much what every ST episode involved. My favorite one sentence summary of the movie is from Curtis: J.J. Abrams' Awesome Trek Fanfic!

X-files:last year's : The worst thing that can happen with a movie version of a TV show is for the movie to be far worse than any episode of the TV show.

Ranking of movies where William H. Macy plays a "mild mannered man" who changes:

#1 Fargo -- one of my all time favorites

#2 The Cooler -- awesome. I loved every part of it. Stretches you through a huge range of emotions.

#3 Edmond -- A bit crazy and sad, but really engaging

#4 He was a quiet man -- Ha! Fooled you...Christian Slater played the "mild mannered man who changes" in this one, while Macy plays the exec. Kind of twisted and sad.

#5 State and Main -- ok, this doesn't really fit. This was a funny romp.

[and probably 10 more that i've forgotten...for some reason i've seen more than ten movies with WHM this year]

Macy is in just about every Mamet movie. Pretty sweet deal there!
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