Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Something that i thought only i cared about ...

but i suppose class action lawyers care about more!

I like shopping at Costco...well, at least, at non-peak hours. The problem is that i certainly don't get my $50/year's worth out of it (especially now that i've found out that you can buy booze without a membership at costco with cash, per California alcohol law), but that isn't really a big deal. Since we only go 4-6 times a year, it really annoys me that they always renewed my membership based on the month i joined rather than the month when i paid for renewal.

For example, my membership started in aug 2000, then i would pay in dec 2000, and my membership would expire in aug 2001 rather than dec 2001. This annoyed me enough that one of these times i actually asked at the membership desk why their policies were so dumb, and told them that if i were a more patient person i would have just signed up as a new member.

Today i was emailed this pdf, a Costco Class Action Settlement Notice, Rhonda Dupler v. Costco Wholesale Corporation. The legal settlement basically says that Costco will give all people who renewed after expiration credit for the months they lost...and in addition, they'll pay the class action lawyers $5M in addition to whatever they owe their corporate counsel.

If Costco had listened to me, they'd be at least $5 million richer.
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