Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Three Movies set in Manhattan [possible minor spoilers]

1. Manhattan - Not much to say here; if you like Woody Allen, you'll like it. The only thing that puzzled me was why Mariel Hemingway's career seems to have been a string of mediocre movies and TV since...(Superman IV?)

2. Enchanted - Surprisingly entertaining in its disneyish mockery of disney princessness. Needed more music! I miss musicals. A bit slow towards the end.

3. I am Legend - Fun action flick, up until the end. The ending seemed shallow and empty. After watching i knew there must be more to it. I found out that there was an alternate, far more interesting ending, which followed the book more closely. In this alternate ending, we find out that the alpha-vamp was looking for his mate which Will Smith had captured (the one with the butterfly tattoo), and alpha was seeking to free her. Immediately following was the horror as Will Smith looks at his wall of experimental subjects he's killed and discovers that he's the real "Legend", a mass murderer of the planet's dominant sentient species. I can't believe this ending got cut; i would bet that the movie could have been a bigger repeat draw (like say, the sixth sense) with this ending.

Bonus review: Bridge to Terabithia - This was the frowniest book i ever read in my life, and I think i had it blocked out of my memory since elementary school because of that. When i saw the trailer for this movie a couple years ago, i was horrified. WTF did they do, turn this into a bad CGI action animated adventure of stupidity, and ignore the entire story? Luckily, the CGI stuff was only a very minor part of the movie. I feel really, really bad for any parents who brought their kids to the movie only knowing of the trailer (IT'S A TRAP!!!!). Movie--as sad as the book. It makes me sad just thinking about it. Geez.

Back to reading our lovely tax code...
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