Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Web merchants that pick the worst time for downtime

When Amazon goes down for a few minutes, it's big news. That's because they're the probably the best run shopping site on the net, and one of the best run operations on the web.

Other merchants are not so lucky. A couple weeks ago i was trying to find parts for my gas grill, so I visited, and they had a "SYSTEM MAINTENANCE" message at their store. I looked a day later, and found the same message. Now it says, "At this time we are upgrading our site and we are currently unable to take orders. The new store will open for business in January."

Taking down a site during the busiest shopping month of the year? Well, maybe Weber doesn't do much in the way of direct sales through their web site, and they still have terrific phone support/sales.

The worst I've seen is It's been down about half of the times that i've visited it (including right now). Now, maybe i tend to visit late at night, and not very often, but a company that size should be able to keep their site at least partially up during maintenance, right? It's not a new problem for Walmart.
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