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estradasphere musings

Estradasphere is by far the best local band i've heard in the past five years--perhaps ever (there were a couple ska bands i heard in my early college days which were about as good, but i didn't really follow them closely since i had a lack of time and transportation, and bands didn't have stuff on the web back then). They offer the sort of music that I'd like to make...perhaps if I had followed the path of music, I would have ended up in a band like Estradasphere--if i were really, really lucky.

So what's so great about a local band?
- Most of their shows are...local!
- Shows are inexpensive, and money goes to people you feel good about supporting
- Same friendly fans at every show
- You can be in the front row or wherever without having to show up early or anything
- The band is happy to chat with you

Did i mention that they have a kick-ass violin player (he seems to be classically trained), a terrific saxophonist, and one of the most talented guitarists i've ever heard? Plus they pull out banjos, a bass, trumpet, and other fun instrumentation.

Unfortunately they lack a drummer right now, but they've managed without one, subbing in a great drummer a couple times, and in the last show, having one of their friends playing a bongo for their "acoustic" show. I've seen five of their performances this year, and each has been a vastly different experience, all fabulous in their own way.

Sometimes I wonder if they'll be able to make it as pro musicians, or if they'll just continue being part-time musicians forever. They have more than enough talent, but their music fails to fit into any established niche. A big record company would probably ruin their stuff. But they could really use a better publicity worries me when there's only a small crowd for their shows.

Their next local show is 9/27 in SF...I'll be there. Check out their web site to download some of their music...there's also a site where you can download ~3GB of live concert recordings (i have them all!)
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