Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

How to fix firefox 3 bookmarks

Ever since i've upgraded to firefox 3, the bookmarks have been acting oddly. Each submenu in the bookmarks menu would only show the first ~22 bookmarks, and bookmarking all tabs would only result in those first ~22 being saved. I checked the bookmarks.html file in the firefox profile directory, only to find that it had not been updated since the upgrade.

It turns out firefox 3 switched bookmarks to use sqlite for bookmark storage. It keeps backups around in json format, so you can rebuild the sqlite bookmarks db by doing the following:

1. Quit firefox
2. Delete the "places.sqlite" and "places.sqlite-journal" files in your profile directory
3. Run firefox

Now, if i could only figure out why printing hangs (one of the top crash reports), this browser might be usable.
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