Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

olympic updates

race walking - the sport of cheating and getting away with it. This guy in the lead has both his feet off the ground for one (and occasionally two) frame (1/30s) in every step, if you watch frame-by-frame. Yep. this is what HD is for.

skeet shooting - really. i had no idea

gymnastics - despite the NBC commentators' idiotic complaints, the new scoring system is great for the sport. The old system had two huge failures: First, it set a limit to difficulty, so there was zero reward for trying something beyond the max difficulty. Next, it failed to have any spacing in scoring between competitors, so you would see lots of ties between clearly unequal routines; it had very insufficient precision. Top placing was decided largely by lame mandatory deductions for things like taking hops on landings rather than the other 99% of the performance. With the new scoring system, gymnasts do riskier routines and push the limits. Now that there are a lot more other deductions, small deductions like a hop on a landing rarely make a difference. The NBC commentators apparently haven't figured this out yet, though. Maybe they should hire someone that actually understand how the scoring works, instead of pretending that most deductions are "invisible".

100m - WOW. Usain Bolt's race was unbelievable. Fastest human ever. Big people aren't supposed to be that fast in the 100. For comparison, the bronze medalist Michael Dix is 8 inches shorter than Bolt. This is one of the most impressive human feats I have ever seen. I can't wait to see him in the 200, though I still think Johnson's record is untouchable.

This chart. Geez. Now we return back to another 200 weeks of no one caring about competitive swimming.

Walsh/May at 105 wins in a row - As a volleyball player I find this difficult to conceive. Even if you win 99% of your matches, you only have a 35% probability of winning 105 matches in a row. Furthermore, since most tournaments are double elimination, they don't even need to win all of their matches to win tournaments. Don't they ever have an off game?

The official 2008 olympics page has awful search engine optimization. A search for olympics on yahoo gets you the official site as the first search result, but on google it's only the 11th result! For comparison, the 9th and 10th sites are not even functional. I haven't seen the official site show up on any of my searches for info and scores, even though the site clearly has the most detailed information.

NBC coverage- aside from the painful lack of a usable broadcast schedule, coverage has been great*! On DirecTV there's HD coverage on NBC, USA, UHD (which mirrors MSNBC or CNBC) and dedicated basketball and soccer channels. Also, it's pretty ridiculous that the stuff they show as "LIVE" is actually 3 hours delayed for the west.

[*] As long as you have a 2-tuner dvr to skip through the 98% of stuff you don't want to watch
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