Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Go Hawks?

Josh Childress Rebounds (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Josh Childress Rebounds (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Josh Childress is one of the best bench players in the NBA. He was my favorite basketball player to watch at Stanford, and has been quietly helping lead the Hawks to a 2-2 series tie with the Celtics.

He doesn't seem to get the credit he deserves, since much of his work does not end up in the usual points/rebounds/assists/steals/blocks stats sheet. Here are some hockey-style point differential stats to show what Childress has done so far:

Game 1:
33 minutes w/Childress: -2 points
15 minutes w/o Childress: -21

Game 2:
28 minutes w/Childress: -7
20 minutes w/o Childress: -12

Game 3:
30 minutes w/Childress: +13
18 minutes w/o Childress: -4

Game 4:
32 minutes w/Childress: +18
16 minutes w/o Childress: -13

[searches with no success for a good photo of Childress' MONSTER DUNK tonight]
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