Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

TiVo = magic

My series 1 tivo is ancient and is on its third(!) drive. Recently, it's been hiccuping on video occasionally, which usually is a sign of impending drive problems. Yesterday morning, i was clearing out some space on it, and it suddenly rebooted. Partway through, it gave me the dreaded GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH.

The tivo offered to give it a chance to fix itself, so i went to work, leaving the GSOD in place.

When i got home, all was well. My conclusion is that tivo is magic.

Ok, sure, maybe all it really did was run fsck or the tivo file system equivalent or booted to an alternate partition, but in my mind, it's still magic. Now, let's just hope this drive will last until after august 19, the next day when i'll have free time.

Anyone happen to have a 120GB samsung drive lying around? I guess I could use a 160, if i can figure out how to get it formatted as a 137GB (pre-lba48) drive. I was tempted to go for tivo's offer (expired monday) for transferring lifetime service to a new series2 dual-tuner tivo, but I didn't really see the point of that given that I'll have HD and probably satellite soon. They should be offering the new HD tivo (announced tuesday, although everyone knew about it before then) to the early tivo adopters.
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