Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

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East Bay madness

Livermore is an odd town.

Grocery Outlet is an odd supermarket in Livermore.

I bought a 20 ounce mini-round of Alouette brie at Grocery for $.33. No kidding! Yeah, the "sell by" date was yesterday, but it's cheese, and it's alive. There's still a lot of it left

I thought about buying ten of them and having a brie party. 12.5 pounds of cheese for $3.30. OMG.

Sometimes I wish there were an "adventure" supermarket like Grocery Outlet in Sunnyvale. It would complete my life. Before this weekend, I needed the adventure supermarket, and I needed to see Con Funk Shun in person. Thanks to the Alameda County fair, I crossed that second one off the list.
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