Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

making cents

Ok, this is the ultimate of trivialities, but I wasted enough time reading up on it that I need to share:

We're sending out wedding invitations this weekend. We need 63 cents of postage per, to cover the 2-ounce weight of them. They're heavy! Additionally, we need to (39c) stamp the reply envelope. However, since rates are going up on May 14, we need to include extra 2-cent stamps to cover the new rate, in case people wait that long to RSVP.

Now, if we had waited until May 14 to send them out, we would be able to use the new lowered rate for 2-ounce postage (58 cents). boo!

To make up for it, i have a sheet of breast cancer research "semipostal" stamps, which may be good for now and after May 14. However, it won't qualify for the "pricing formula mandated by federal law, which sets a minimum differential of 15 percent" part, since i bought them at 45 cents and the postal value will be 41 cents, a difference of 10%. Now, I suppose the post office can't actually tell when you bought these stamps, since they've been the same for some years now through several rate increases. So, do I stick on the extra 2 cents, or not? Can i justify 2 cents of unethical and possibly postal-code-violating behavior by my wedding invitations' extra costs?

Apparently, according to the article, this also means that breast cancer research gets less funding. How they keep track of that, I do not know--do they actually track how many of each type of stamp goes through their systems? And if i stick an extra two cent stamp on, will they credit breast cancer research with the extra two cents?


P.S. The rate differences might make a non-trivial difference if you're having a huge Indian wedding
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