Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

HOWTO Comply

Ever need to complete one of those corporate compliance training courses that pop up annoying windows for every single step of the process?

You can make it less painful by doing the following:

1. Run firefox
2. Install the TabMix Plus extension
3. Set the TabMix options to have:
- Links->Javascript popups set to "open all popups in tabs"
- Events->Tab focus->Diverted windows, should be unchecked - this makes the js popup tabs always open in the background

Now you can click-click-click-click then run through the tabs to get each item checked (and of course, read every single word very carefully!), and get through the training in 1/8 of the recommended time.

One feature i still miss from MSIE for Mac (of all things...) is that you could command-click on links, and even if it was a javascript link, it would open it in a background window. Also, you could command-click on form submit buttons, and the next page would open up in a background window.
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