Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

CNN news "anchors" actors

I was catching up on some election results on CNN tonight. The two anchors were looking at the chart that showed a representation of the house seats, with a section of red seats, section of blue seats, and an empty section in the middle, labelled with the number of decided seats for each party.

One of the anchors asked the other "are there any undecided house races?", and the other said "um...i don't know, let's ask [some person who isn't an idiot]".

Now, let's examine this chart that they were looking at. How might they have answered this seemingly impossible challenge?

1. The gap in the diagram where the seats were unfilled
2. Adding together the numbers on the diagram to see that they were far away from 435
3. Intuitively figuring out that with 435 races, some are bound to still be undecided tonight
4. Quitting their jobs in disgrace and being replaced with some people who have a clue

I know it's old news that CNN replaced their acclaimed but aging anchors with youthful actor types, but I had no idea it was this bad.
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