Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Demolition Man

Right now, I am watching Demolition Man, which is showing on TNT. There's something particularly memorable about this movie. I saw it first with my frosh chem 32 (the class where they convince us that, "wow, chemistry is awesome", until later quarters when they disappoint you with the rest of the chemistry sequence) section, first quarter at Stanford. Our TA had a little get together at his EV place for us, which was pretty cool. Anyway, we ended up watching this movie, and at the time it was awesome.

Demolition Man has a ridiculous amount of campy yesterday's-tomorrow-today humor value. It contains the best acting performances that Sandra Bullock and Rob Schneider have ever put on, as they are playing cheesy futuristic keystone kops, a perfect match for their acting skills. And hey, how can you go wrong with the warden from Shawshank Redemption as the chief kop? Of course, Stallone and Snipes finish off the comedic acting crew. I don't think the movie's supposed to be all that funny, but I find it hilarious.

Three clams!

(I wonder if this movie inspired Futurama...)

Edit: At the time, the humor value of "President Schwarzenegger" was much lower than it is today. However, Taco-Bell-everywhere was funnier then than it is today.
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