Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Geotag, it's it

flickr rocks!

On Monday, they released geotagging of photos, and in one day, 1.6 million photos were geotagged, including all of my flickr photos. The geotagging was made possible partly by a product that my group works on. Neat!

Geotagging is one of those things that at first you wonder, "why would I want that"? After you use it on a community site like flickr, you realize the cool things you can do, like search for photos of sunsets near the Strait of Gibraltar. In a year or two, I would expect that most cameraphones will automatically record geotags in images, and that some consumer cameras will do so too--but in flickr, it's so easy and quick to geotag photos. Start geotagging now!
Tags: yahoo!
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