Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

Water Creep

Cubicle Window
I sit here at work, running down the hours before the start of the long weekend. By the wall of windows overlooking uh...beautiful sunnyvale where I sit, an ominous wet dark area in the carpet has been growing all day. It is currently stretching about one foot from the corner wall, and has managed to dislodge one of the tiles running along the bottom of the wall. Facilities has taken a look; they suspect some drippage coming through the roof, down the corner beam and soaking into the rug. Facilities guy is worried about finding roofing maintenance help on a day like today.

Water creep. It's now up to at least 15 inches. If the rain continues, and nothing is done about this problem, the wet carpet will certainly reach my cubicle by 2006.

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