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Showing my ignorance of music of the last couple decades

Favorite band meme, from lifeofmendel, with a couple additions at the end

1. Nirvana- Some good stuff, but over hyped
2. Sublime- haven't heard enough
3. Depeche Mode- not bad, but i can't stand them
4. Linkin Park- not really
5. No Doubt- used to be awesome, one of my favorite bands. now ick
6. Rage Against the Machine- woo! loud
7. U2- mostly good
8. Green Day- excellent
9. Beastie Boys- dislike their music, but it's amusing
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers- before they popified themselves.
11. Blink-182- good, at least for the few songs i've heard
12. System of a Down- they've put out some really interesting bits of music. I'd like to hear more.
13. The Smashing Pumpkins- sometimes terrific, sometimes awful
14. Korn- Fun stuff
15. Bob Marley- I like, but sometimes i think any random reggae is even better
16. Metallica - damn sell-outs
17. The Offspring- i like playing lsjumb charts of offspring music
18. The Cure-ok
19. Incubus- haven't heard enough
20. Stone Temple Pilots- good, but all songs sound the same
21. Pearl Jam- haven't heard enough (oddly enough)
22. Tool- haven't heard enough
23. Radiohead- great stuff. would like to hear more.
24. 311- haven't heard enough
25. Nine Inch Nails- one of my favorite bands. I still don't get Fragile, though
26. Weezer- wheeeeeee!zer
27. Social Distortion- haven't heard enough
28. The Smiths/Morrissey- good stuff. annoying fans.
29. Jane's Addiction- been caught stealing! cool beans
30. Oingo Boingo- great trumpet riffs. songs sound alike...but who cares!
31. Alice In Chains- excellent. Would like to hear more.
32. Limp Bizkit- ick.
33. The Clash- haven't heard enough
34. Dave Matthews Band- whoa. So, DMB's best song ever is a cover of "Waste", on the Mockingbird Foundation's Phish tribute/charity album. I just looked at one sales site and you can now obtain this album for $8. Two CDs of excellent music. Hear my slightly-out-of-tune sax bits on the LSJUMB track as well as awesome musicians such as DMB and Jimmy Buffett and John Scofield
35. Creed- ick
36. The Ramones- great. timeless
37. Staind- haven't heard enough
38. R.E.M.- I like a lot of their music even though i don't like Stipe's voice.
39. Bush- haven't heard enough
40. Bad Religion- haven't heard enough
41. Foo Fighters- haven't heard enough
42. New Order- ick
43. Soundgarden- yes
44. Garbage- yes
45. Pennywise- never heard of 'em
46. Violent Femmes- haven't heard enough
47. Rob Zombie/White Zombie- haven't heard enough
48. David Bowie- spectacular
49. Godsmack- haven't heard enough
50. Duran Duran- fun 80s fun
51. P.O.D.- who?
52. Coldplay- dislike
53. Beck- loser. getting better with time
54. Eminem- better musician than actor
55. Deftones- haven't heard enough
56. Cypress Hill- INSANE
57. Oasis- indifferent
58. Jimmy Eat World- haven't heard enough
59. Tori Amos- neat stuff. annoying fans (except for the tori fans who read this)
60. Moby- interesting
61. The Pixies- frank black = haven't heard enough
62. Blondie- cool
63. Live- great... for a pennsylvania band
64. Hole- awful. The worst music performance i have ever heard was hole performing at some new years gig
65. Rancid- haven't heard enough
66. Fatboy Slim- that video of christopher walken dancing is the best
67. Siouxsie and the Bansees- haven't heard enough
68. Marilyn Manson- not really into it
69. Save Ferris- yes, except we don't need more covers of "come on eileen"
70. The Sex Pistols- haven't heard enough
71. Disturbed- who?
72. Billy Idol- stole spike's look
73. The Strokes- haven't heard enough
74. The Police- yes
75. Primus- sucks
76. The Go-Go's- sooo 80s
77. Everclear- yes. Excellent music, though not much to choose from. Sparkle and Fade was one of the best albums of the 90s
78. Bjork- haven't heard enough
79. Dramarama- who? any relation to the bananas?
80. Prodigy- was a cool online service
81. The Cult- who?
82. Cake- awesome
83. MxPx- who?
84. Third Eye Blind- haven't heard enough
85. Sum 41- haven't heard enough
86. Travis- who?
87. Papa Roach- no
88. Devo- years of seeing the signs in PA for "Devon" with the "n" painted out have conditioned me
89. A Perfect Circle- who
90. New Found Glory- who
91. The Cranberries- odd voice
92. Lit- one hit wonders
93. The B-52's- excellent
94. Puddle of Mudd- haven't heard enough
95. Blur- who?
96. Unwritten Law- who?
97. Pet Shop Boys- haven't heard enough
98. Hoobastank- excellent. started listening to them recently.
99. X- who?
100. Lenny Kravitz- some good stuff
101. Rush - yes
102. Missy Elliot - haven't heard enough
103. Dr. Dre - haven't heard enough
104. Dream Theater - excellent
105. outkast - works well with Peanuts. otherwise no
106. squarepusher - who?
107. plaid - who
108. Chris Carter - who
109. prefuse 73 - who
110. pantera - haven't heard enough
111. busta rhymes - eh
112. posthuman - i can see where mendel started adding his own bands
113. new york voices - at least i recognized
114. Nitzer Ebb - a couple of them.
115. Estradasphere - Best local band I have heard. Spectacular. Super-talented.
116. Black-Eyed Peas- Older stuff, awesome. Latest
117. Natalie Merchant- wow, what a voice
118. Pink Martini- Perhaps the best lounge band ever
119. Sleater Kinney- I'm glad they've become popular and successful. rockin'
120. Kenny Garrett- an unbelievably talented sax player

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