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I passed my first cata ever last night (ok, a bunch of nights ago...takes me a while to finish writing these things), Orion .78 in Konamix. Woo. I played it twice at slower speed before trying it. I was pretty tired at that point, and I didn't do especially well, but I passed. Whee.

In other news...
A plunger is an amazing piece of technology. Almost magic. One-two-three, drain unclogged. Woo.

Last weekend was great. By now i've forgotten exactly me on this one.

My volleyball team won all four of its games today, going 8-0 in the last two weeks. It's amazing how much we improved through the season. We didn't make the playoffs, even though we were just four games out of first.

This weekend, scuba classes. I hope I can handle the swim test...
I really wish I had time to see dr4b this weekend and her seattle friends playing in the DDR tournament, but the scuba classes are all day. Sigh, bad timing abounds.

Boy, that was a dull, disjointed lj entry. Apologies to all who had to read it. :p
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