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Hello again Andrew's Livejournal. Where have you been lately?

Last night i made carrot cake. No big deal, just box cake mix with carrots that i shredded on the micrograter along with some lemon zest. Anyway, while i was tasting this particular cake, i noticed that the top crust was really tasty, with a gingersnap quality to it. Mmm. Next time i think i'll just make a bunch of very thin cakes, to maximize the top crust to volume ratio.

"Why is the title of your new album 'Cake and Pie'?"
"The title of the album not only reflects my love for
cake AND pie, I think it reflects my philosophy of life that
there should be no limits in life..." -- Lisa Loeb

Making cake is much more fun than paying taxes. Today i paid even more than originally thought, since I had to pay a bunch of estimated taxes each quarter to prevent this debacle from happening again next tax season. Sigh. At least i managed to fix printing on my desktop box before i had to get the taxes printed. I downgraded lprng and ifhp, cleared the print spool directory, and that seemed to have done the trick.

The stupid apple store *still* hasn't obtained the warranty replacement battery that i need to get my ibook back to a functioning state. arrghhh. I am thinking of documenting my troubles and sending them to my neighbor steve j. in the hopes that doing so will let me return this lemon for credit towards the nice shiny new 12" powerbmy preciousook. I've wasted so much time sitting at that store and spent way too much time without the ibook working.

Admittedly, the service at the Apple store is quite good (ESPECIALLY compared to that of the pc clone world) but they are understaffed at the "genius bar" where you can send in your macs for diagnosis/repair.

DDR skills are still on the upswing. My abililty to read arrows has improved a lot, and playing with theSL has inspired me as well. I'm about halfway through passing all of the 7-footers.

I used to be a big Rube Goldberg fan when I was little; I liked to borrow his books over and over from the library and read them all the time. A few days ago I saw this ad for some random new honda and was amazed. Best of all, they actually built this entire goldbergesque contraption for the ad and ran it 605 times unsuccessfully before it finally worked.

This weekend we're going to the SF Zoo. I'm unreasonably excited about this.

These random ramblings brought to you by late night meandering and six months of joy.
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