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Stupid Apple.

Last weekend in Spokane, my iBook blew up. Again. After two months of working perfectly. It refused to boot up, or actually, it did a boot up chime and things whirred, but nothing came up on screen. it booted up successfully about one in one hundred times (which was useful since it let me back up my home dir on there). None of the various resetting techniques were effective, so today i brought it over to the apple store.

I walked over there, talked to the friendly person at the desk and filled out the necessary paperwork to get a warranty repair. She suggested i get applecare (like $260? for two year warranty extension) since the thing broke so often. Bleh. I think my credit card should cover an additional year of warranty, so i probably don't need it. Anyway, I hope this time they fix it well enough that i don't have to take it back. Again.

On my way out, i checked out the 12" and 17" powerbooks. wooo. Damn Apple. Now i am going to need to get one. The 12" powerbook looks terrific, and i think it fixes all the minor gripes i have with the ibook:

It runs as cool as the ibook
The keyboard is better than the ibook's
power cord is on the correct side, with the rest of the ports
power cord connection seems tighter
FAST. And a DVD-writer to boot.
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