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Strangest quiz results ever....

From the 2004 Presidential Candidate Selector, I received these results. I suspect that their test still needs quite a bit of work. A LOT of work.

Thanks for using the 2004 Presidential Candidate Selector. The purpose of this selector is to provide you information on the candidates and issues. Make your own informed vote after you judge their honesty, leadership, competency, electability and other qualities.
Your responses determined the order of the list below. The results are scored on a curve. The highest score, 100%, represents the closest match to your responses. This does not mean that this or any candidate shares every view that you selected. However, the candidate at the top of your list shares more of your selected views than do the others

Your Results:

1. Clinton, Senator Hillary Rodham, NY - Democrat (announced she will not run)   (100%)  Click here for info
2. Bush, George W. - US President (Very probable)   (99%)  Click here for info
3. Lieberman Senator Joe CT - Democrat: (announced he will run)   (97%)  Click here for info
4. Biden, Senator Joe, DE - Democrat (considering)   (90%)  Click here for info
5. Bayh, Sentator Evan, IN - Democrat (announced he will not run)   (86%)  Click here for info
6. Edwards, Senator John, NC - Democrat (announced he will run)   (75%)  Click here for info
7. Buchanan, Patrick J. – Reform/Republican   (75%)  Click here for info
8. Bradley, Former Senator Bill NJ - Democrat   (74%)  Click here for info
9. Jackson, Cong. Jesse Jr., IL - Democrat (mentioned)   (69%)  Click here for info
10. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (announced he will run)   (66%)  Click here for info
11. Gephardt, Cong. Dick, MO - Democrat (announced he will run)   (63%)  Click here for info
12. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT - Democrat (announced he will run)   (62%)  Click here for info
13. Feinstein, Senator Dianne, CA - Democrat (mentioned)   (58%)  Click here for info
14. Dodd, Senator Chris, CT - Democrat (considering)   (55%)  Click here for info
15. Gore, Former Vice-President Al - Democrat (announced he will not run)   (54%)  Click here for info
16. Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH - Democrat (considering)   (51%)  Click here for info
17. Nader, Ralph - Green Party   (45%)  Click here for info
18. Daschle, Senate Majority Leader Tom, SD - Democrat (announced he will not run)   (44%)  Click here for info
19. Sharpton, Reverend Al - Democrat (announced he will run)   (43%)  Click here for info
20. Browne, Harry Libertarian   (42%)  Click here for info
21. Socialist Candidate (McReynolds bowed out, party may not run a candidate)   (36%)  Click here for info
22. Feingold, Senator Russ, WI - Democrat (mentioned)   (27%)  Click here for info
23. McCain, Sentator John, AZ- Republican (mentioned as a Democratic candidate)   (27%)  Click here for info
24. Graham, Senator Bob, FL - Democrat (considering)   (26%)  Click here for info
25. Leahy, Patrick Senator, Vermont - Democrat (mentioned)   (22%)  Click here for info
26. Kaptur, Cong. Marcy, OH - Democrat (mentioned)   (20%)  Click here for info
27. Phillips, Howard - Constitution   (18%)  Click here for info
28. Hart, Former Sentator Gary, CO - Democrat (considering)   (16%)  Click here for info
29. Vilsack, Governor. Tom IA - Democrat   (10%)  Click here for info
30. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL - Democrat (considering)   (3%)  Click here for info
31. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. - Democrat   (0%)  Click here for info
32. Hagelin, John - Natural Law   (-8%)  Click here for info
33. Clark, Retired Army General Wesley K "Wes" Arkansas - Democrat (considering)   (-18%)  Click here for info
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