Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

i don't get it

On a lighter note, i can't quite figure out how my estimation of the value of money has changed over the years.

Back when i was a kid, i dreamed forever of getting some nice radio with a *CD PLAYER*. My first was this awesome jvc boombox with a subwoofer and two-cd deck. It was like $350. I thought it was the best thing i had ever bought (ok, well, my parents bought it). Digital, static-free music. A remote control. woooo!

Since then, i really haven't spent much on audio equipment except for nice speakers for my computers and good headphones (for the computer, of course).

So now, I really want to get a 20 gig iPod (although i will still feel bad about the tapes in my car that i won't listen to anymore). Why is it that i find it difficult to spend a similar amount of money on the iPod now that i did on that boombox twelve years ago, despite my disposable income level being about infinitely greater than then?

Is it because the iPod is a itty bitty thing, of which a hundred could fit into the boombox of yore?

Is it because it's my money and not my parents'?

Is it because i'm still a bit annoyed at apple for not being able to properly fix my ibook's screwy cd drive that doesn't like to eject?

Economists must go crazy about these things.
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