Shandrew (shandrew) wrote,

More random reviews

- Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt White Cheddar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, the longest name of any food product i have. The texture is somewhere between cardboard and a real chip. The seasoning is good, but the actual chip lacks potato flavor. If you really want less oil, baked Lays are a much tastier choice. Back to regular chips for me.

- Andrew's random drink creation: Line the rim of a short glass with tajin fruit spice (mix of chile, lime, salt that you can get at most Mexican groceries). Fill glass with homemade limoncello. Drink!

- Stanford Shopping Center Apple Store: If you need to troubleshoot and send a mac in for service, this store is a better place to go than the downtown PA one. It gets much less traffic so you can get out faster and there's plenty of parking.

- Baraka grocery/grill in Sunnyvale (618 Hollenbeck): It's a bit odd looking with tables in a grocery store. The food is average, but the groceries are great! They have a huge selection of inexpensive teas, a hundred varieties of olives and pickles, and what looks like a good halal meat selection. I bought a big jar of some vegetable spread made of red peppers, eggplant, and onion. Delicious. The kebabs and wraps from the "restaurant" section are only average, and i think we got overcharged, but I'd definitely go back just for the interesting groceries.

- Sunnyvale farmer's market: Continues to be great (though it was kicked out last saturday by the arts&wine festival). My favorite stand is usually the one on the Macy's end of Murphy that sells a variety of greens and a ton of zucchini. I still think that the cherries at our local asian grocery are better than any of the market stand cherries.

- That Korean restaurant near the galleria near el camino/lawrence. Still our favorite restaurant in Sunnyvale. It's a bit of a secret though, as i've never seen reviews for it, it doesn't have an english name, and we've only once seen other non-korean people there. They have the best bibimbaps. Linnea likes their whole chicken ginseng soup. It's always packed on weekends.

- Cast iron: I've been working on reseasoning my cast iron dutch oven. It was looking a bit grey and had a few rust spots due to disuse and seasoning that didn't really stick before. I read up more on it, and decided that seasoning at high temperatures (in the grill at 500 F) is much better than what i was doing before (in the oven at 350). It looks great now, but i wonder if it might flake off since i didn't completely strip off the old poor quality seasoning.

- Finding Nemo: Ok, i'm probably the last person in the world to have seen it. It was entertaining, though probably the worst out of the Pixar megahits.

- Phillies recently: awesome
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